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Harry Leach - Founder

Leach (Licht) is one of the oldest industrial Families in Rhode Island, a pioneer in the conversion of industrial mill space into manufacturing incubator space for fledgling industrial "start-ups" in the 1930’s.  Throughout the 20th century, Leach started and operated one of the largest and well recognized used manufacturing machinery companies in the Northeast, H. Leach Machinery Co.;  a family chain manufacturing business, National Chain Co.;  and family metals business, A.J. Oster Co., which would later be purchased by the Cookson Group PLC of England.


In the late 1990’s the Family became a pioneer and the catalyst for converting a Super Fund site located in Stratford, Connecticut.   Leach is responsible for the transformation of the property known as the Raymark Site - a $120M brownfield cleanup.   Leach is responsible for all aspects of the Project from the identification process, to the remediation in coordination with the Clinton Administration and EPA, to the successful procurement of the three major big box retail tenants occupying the site today.   This was marked as the first time the EPA incorporated a private developer’s plans into a super fund reuse, which allowed the EPA to standardized the process, making this Project the model for the country. 


By way of involvement, and legacy in industry, Leach has formed and maintained tight personal relationships with all it's affiliates.


Today, Leach remains a catalyst and maintains interests in various industries, including its private and public board of directors, holdings and development of big-box retail shopping centers, freestanding stores, other commercial real estate assets, holdings of golf course assets, holdings in the public securities sector, holdings in the industrial sector, and the operation of certain operating concerns and groups encompassed in the Leach Family Office.



We continue to operate with the same philosophy today, as then, consummating deals on a "handshake" - which to us means you have a deal.


 "Pay us when you make money, interest free" - Harry Leach (Licht) 1887-1973


Our non business focus is our Philanthropy.

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